CPAS Whitepaper 3 - The 200m-resolution Hong Kong Weather Reanalysis (HK-200m) Data Product

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The 200m-resolution Hong Kong Weather Reanalysis (HK-200m) Data Product

In this paper, we introduce a retrospective weather data set for Hong Kong for the two years July 2019 to June 2021 with 200m resolution using CPAS. We verified that the result is better than the fifth-generation ECMWF atmospheric reanalysis of the global climate data (ERA5), which is of about 28km resolution over Hong Kong. The reduction of mean absolute error for hourly temperature and 10-minute instantaneous wind speed over ERA5 are 19.4% and 28.2% respectively.

We also carried out analyses with a 3km mesh in four selected cases, to verify the validity and benefits of using ultra-fine resolution. The average correlation coefficient of simulated temperature of the 200m result is 7.24%, which is higher than the one resulting from the 3km resolution mesh. We discuss possible usages of this 200m high resolution dataset in city planning, energy efficiency optimization in smart buildings, electricity supply modeling for wind turbines and risk management.

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