20 Mar 2023

A storage system failure was detected on 17 Mar 2023. The CPAS cloud computation platform (backend) will be temporarily unavailable. We are terribly sorry and we shall update the status as soon as possible.

Update: The storage system has been recovered. We apology for any inconvenience caused.

28 Jun 2022

From some time earlier in June 2022 to July 2022, CPAS will be upgraded to version 1.0. The descriptions in the web site (https://cpas.earth/) and the cloud service site (https://console.cpas.earth/) may not be in sync. Sorry for any confusion.

25 Oct 2021

An upgrade of vis.cpas.earth is scheduled in 8-9am HKT 26 Oct 2021. The Jupyter Notebook Visualization service will be suspended in this period.

Update: The upgrade is completed.

13 Oct 2021

There was a service interruption that Google Sign-In was not available from 3:37pm to 5:57pm HKT on 8 Oct 2021. The service has been resumed.

We apology for any inconvenience caused.