Known Issues:

1. The Jupyter visualization system has a maintenance period in Hong Kong Time 8-9am every Monday, and occasionally also 8-9am on other weekdays for temporary needs. A user's server instance need to be restarted (by clicking the "Start My Server" button) at the next use. The files saved/autosaved in the work directory before the maintenance period shall be persistent. 

2. In the CPAS backend, a line between two points is defined as the geodesic on a sphere; however, it is visualized as a straight line on the Mercator projection map. Users are encouraged to insert points that span less than ten degrees.




Q: I have a lot of mesh specifications. One or more Mesh Specifications previously created do not appear on the “My Specs” page. What can I do to see them?

A: The web interface shows a certain number (50) of most recently edited mesh specification. Please export unneeded mesh specifications and delete them on CPAS to make older mesh specifications appear.


Q: When editing my mesh specification, I would like to delete a small region that is totally covered by another region. However, I cannot select it after clicking the delete button.

A: Drag one vertex of the small region outside the largest covering region. Then the small region can be selected and deleted.


Q: What is Max Resolution Gradient (km/km)?

A: It is the steepest allowed rate of change of resolution with respect to distance, which acts as a limit for resolution transitions. This ensures that there are no abrupt change of mesh spacing. The default value 0.0833 = 1/12 km/km means that a maximum 1km-resolution change is allowed for every 12km distance.


Q: In the Jupyter visualization system, why do I fail to write file?

A: Every user has a limited disk quota (1GB currently) because the Jupyter visualization system is supposed to hold temporarily generated image or animation files, or small data files as the result of user's result analysis code (e.g. summary data at the user's locations of interest). Please clean up your work directory (/home/cpasvis/work in your Jupyter service instance) if you fail to write file, or see error messages like "Disk quota exceeded".


Q: The map panel sometimes appears broken.

A: There may be file loading synchronization problem or slowness. Try refreshing the browser.