Known Issues:

1. The Jupyter visualization system has a maintenance period in Hong Kong Time 8-9am every Monday, and occasionally also 8-9am on other weekdays for temporary needs. A user's server instance need to be restarted (by clicking the "Start My Server" button) at the next use. The files saved/autosaved in the work directory before the maintenance period shall be persistent. 

2. In the CPAS backend, a line between two points is defined as the geodesic on a sphere; however, it is visualized as a straight line on the Mercator projection map. Users are encouraged to insert points that span less than ten degrees.




Q: I have a lot of mesh specifications. One or more Mesh Specifications previously created do not appear on the “My Specs” page. What can I do to see them?

A: The web interface shows a certain number (50) of most recently edited mesh specification. Please export unneeded mesh specifications and delete them on CPAS to make older mesh specifications appear.


Q: When editing my mesh specification, I would like to delete a small region that is totally covered by another region. However, I cannot select it after clicking the delete button.

A: Drag one vertex of the small region outside the largest covering region. Then the small region can be selected and deleted.


Q: What is Max Resolution Gradient (km/km)?

A: It is the steepest allowed rate of change of resolution with respect to distance, which acts as a limit for resolution transitions. This ensures that there are no abrupt change of mesh spacing. The default value 0.0833 = 1/12 km/km means that a maximum 1km-resolution change is allowed for every 12km distance.


Q: The map panel sometimes appears broken.

A: There may be file loading synchronization problem or slowness. Try refreshing the browser.